Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks for the Prayers

Ilene continues to progress and seemed particularly active on Sunday.  Ilene has been removed from the ventilator and is breathing all on her own.  She seems more and more responsive and opened her eyes for the second time on Sunday.  Taylor’s mission President just spoke to Scott and the entire mission was on their knees praying for Ilene at 3pm local time.  This is the time Ilene opened her eyes.  Scott said “Coincidence?  I don’t think so.”  She has developed quite a grip and seems responsive to some voice commands.  Chad is diligent in helping keep joints active and has regular “work-outs” with his Mom.  The faith and prayers are working and a great thanks to all who participated in the special fast.  Ilene may be relocated to a rehabilitation facility a little closer to home in the next day or two.


  1. They will be moving Ilene tonight to Health South hospital on Tenaya after 7pm tonight.

  2. Scott and Family, We are keeping your sweet wife and mother as well as all of you in our prayers. May the Lord bless you all...

  3. Scott and family, We are praying daily for Ilene and for your family. We can't imagine how difficult the last week has been. Our special love and prayers for Elder Taylor Sorenson too. May you be blessed for your faith and strength at this time.

  4. Dearest Ilene's family,
    Everyday my prayers and thoughts are toward Ilene's speedy recovery. May you find strength in knowing there are so many people who love Ilene and are praying for her. Let me know if you need any help with anything. Love and hugs...

    Debbie Rexing
    teacher at Kitty Ward

  5. Greetings Ilene and family,

    I just learned of this tragedy and wanted to offer my thoughts and prayers to you. I ask that God watch over you, and send his angels to protect you in your recovery. I will be remembering you in my daily prayers, Ilene.

    Mindy Simon
    Member bikinglasvegas-