Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ilene Moved

Ilene was moved to Health South -Tenaya.  She has a private room there.  She is still recovering and her family is witnessing many miracles.  Thank you for the continuous love and support.  


  1. that we want Scott and the boys to know that we have Ilene and each one of them in our prayers and send our love. I want to serve and help Ilene with anything she needs during her recovery so I will keep in touch with Brandi to see what I can do. I know in my heart Heavenly Father is aware of her and will bless her with a speedy recovery. Love from the The Miller Family

  2. My sister Ilene is a teacher.She is really,really good at it. There is cards all over her hospital wall from students who love her.The cards come from the class she was currently teaching at Kitty Ward Elementary.They also come from the children she taught last year and beyond. Most of these cards mention that those children all learned from Ilene it is important to wear a helmut.Example is always one of the best ways to teach.Ilene was a safety girl and always followed the rules when she rode her bike. There are visits daily from her co-workers at Kitty Ward Elementary even if that haven't gotten in to see her. Their love and support has been incredible. All those who know Ilene know how dedicated she is to her profession. She gave it her all. This year she really enjoyed Tristan and all the funny comments he would say to make her smile.
    My sister Ilene is a teacher.There is a banner hanging on her wall from Young women in her ward. Like Michelle Beckwith said she struggled at first when she got that call in her ward. Though Ilene has always been partial to her neices she never raised a girl. Those Young women seemed a little snotty in the beginning. Ilene hung in there and they all grew to love each other. She was excited to be their camp director.
    My sister Ilene is a teacher. She does not have much music ability but has managed to be called as primary chorister twice. She taught the songs of truth so well with her incredible creativity and enthusiasm. She taught a song recently on the moment in primary. The words of a new primary song that Ilene loves are If I listen with my heart I hear my Savoir's voice. Ilene loves hearts.
    My sister Ilene is a teacher. She has taught me and mothered me all my life. She is one of my dearest closest friend, she is my sister, she is my second Mom. A freind(Ilene and I end up Sharing most our friends)said that Ilene is more of a Mom to her than a friend.That is because Ilene always wants to take care of everyone. Right now we get to take care of her.Even while she sleeps, she i still teaching us so so very much..... (this posting is actually from Ilene's sister Rosie)

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  4. I agree Rosie, Ilene is an amazing friend, teacher and "anothe Mother." She taught me so much in all of the callings we worked together in. She loves the gospel and it showed in her service. She also is an incredible teacher. As a first year teacher she took me under her wing and taught me how to be a teacher! She loves the students and it shows in all of her extra effort to prepare lessons that will teach her students and that they will enjoy. I wouldn't have made it through my first year teaching without her. I miss our daily association and lunch break! As a pregnant mommy she answered so many questions for me that I started to call her Dr. Sorenson.:) As a friend she always has sound advice, a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. I wish I could do more for her, but she is in my heart always and my prayers. I LOVE YOU ILENE!