Friday, March 25, 2011

Doctor Update

Ilene's doctor came in and said everything is moving in the right direction.  Her brain will wake up when it's ready and there is just no way to predict the outcome until it does.  Every thing she is doing are all good signs.  She opened her eyes three times yesterday. Three times the day before and twice already this morning.  She is more active with her arm and leg movements and with her facial twitching and expressions.  All good things...

Another side note...Many have been requesting Elder Taylor Sorenson's address:
                                             Elder Taylor Sorenson
                                             Tennessee Nashville Mission
                                             105 W. Park Drive  Suite#190
                                              Brentwood,   TN  37027-5010




  1. I have never met Ilene, but I can't get her story off my mind. I pray she will recover quickly and get back to her friends and family that love her so dearly... I know Kitty Ward is so sad without her.

  2. Tim and I visited Ilene on Thursday, March 24, 2011. Her sister Kay and Scott were there. I had a very endearing visit with Ilene. I was talking to her about her famous rolls and how she helped Kakela and I make them one year for our Family Thanksgiving. I also talked to her about a camping trip. She worked really hard to open one eye and a tear fell. It was a very exciting and heart wrenching second for me. I know she hears us and is trying to respond. I am thankful for the experiences I am having with Ilene. She is such a strong lady and loved by my family. I don't know if they really know she is not their Aunt. They refer to her in all their prayers as Aunt Ilene, even Kohlman does. Kennedy went with MacKenna tonight to visit her. She came home very happy and full of stories to tell us about Aunt Ilene.