Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surgery for Ilene today

Ilene has been in UMC Trauma center since the accident.  Her family members and dear friends have been by her side.  There have been reports of all different interactions with Ilene.  Personally I have visited with Ilene twice. I had a strong impression that Ilene could hear me and she squeezed my hand while I spoke to her.  While I was with her they gave her a couple shots in which she gave a little movement, the nurse said that was good because it showed she could feel it. 

Ilene is supposed to have a traecha put in today.  She is also having her feeding tubed moved today.  I understand this will help with her breathing and comfort. 

Many are wondering about Elder Taylor Sorenson.  I was told he called and spoke with his dad (Scott) and is in good hands with his mission president.

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