Thursday, April 14, 2011

Talking Ilene

Today was an exciting day for Ilene, her friends, and family.  While a few friends (Lisa Lopez, Carly Perez, Tom & Debi Carli, Palolo, Rosemary Osborne) were visiting Ilene today the Respiratory Therapist put an adapter on Ilene's trachea.  Ilene spoke a few words and names.  She said Scott, Lisa, and said "Why?" Rosemary, Ilene's sister told her that "she was a miracle".  Ilene then said, "I am a miracle!" They were able to reach Scott on the phone and let him share in the excitement of Ilene talking.  Good News


  1. This just makes my day!I love good news like this. Thanks for posting:)

  2. I am so happy to hear that Ms. Sorenson is talking. Love, Isabella, age 7

  3. Messages for Mrs. Sorensons from her previous Lyman students.
    I am so happy she is making it. (Trey age 8)
    She is the best teacher and I hope she gets to come back to school. (Brenen age 10)
    I am glad she is feeling better and hope continues to get better. (Chandler age 12)

  4. Amazing news! Thankful for miracles and praying for more!