Thursday, April 7, 2011

Help For Ilene

We're appreciative of all the help and support we have received for Ilene.  Jo Tyra is coordinating visit times to sit with her, when her family can't be there.  If you are interested in helping, please contact her at

Ilene's School is doing a couple of fundraisers for her medical costs. If anyone else would like to make donations an account has been made for her at Nevada State Bank, acct #0338035363.   Her family greatly appreciates all the support they are receiving.

Ilene is continuing to heal.  They are getting Ilene up into a chair daily.  She opens her eyes frequently and keeps them open for longer periods of time.  They have changed the bandages on her right arm.  They now have it wrapped up and in a sling.  Her left hand and arm are getting stronger and more active.  She uses the left hand and can play with the blue ball.  The day they changed her bandages on her right arm she was grabbing the new sling.  When the Nurses were in changing her over to her bed from her chair they told her to let go of one of her tubes.  She let go, the nurses were impressed that she heard them and responded, and let go.  There are hopes for next week for her neck brace to be removed and her trachea changed to a smaller one.......Thank you for your time, prayers and love..........

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  1. I just heard yesterday about this blog when I asked someone on an update about Ilene. I just want her and her family to know that they are still in my prayers and we are thinking about them. Both times I have been to the hospital, she has been surrounded by her loving family and it is wonderful to see them take such great care of her. I don't really have a memory I want to share (even though I have know Ilene my whole life), but I want to take this opportunity to thank Ilene for something she probably doesn't even know she did! My daughter, Kathryn Scarlett, was a young newlywed in her ward. Ilene was especially kind to her and encouraged her through her first year of teaching school. I really appreciate the extra attention she gave KT and know that Ilene is just that way....always there with a smile and support for everyone. Please tell Ilene thank you and I wish her all the best! Love, Mary Mooney Brown