Friday, April 1, 2011

One small hurdle

Ilene is recovering from her procedure.  Yesterday was a very big day for her.  They transported her to Mountain View Hospital in an ambulance to have her blood clot ports put in.  She was then taken back to her room at Health South.  She was resting peacefully late last night.  The swelling in her legs has gone down noticeably.

Reports for today:  They removed some stitches in her neck by her trachea.  They are hoping to put a smaller trachea in for her soon that will be more comfortable.  She's using her left hand and holding and moving the little blue ball almost constantly.  She opened her eyes several times.  She pleasantly surprised her visitors and family today with her small steps of progress.      


  1. Thanks for all the updates. It is really appreciated. Ilene taught two of my daughters and has become a dear friend. We love her. We are lifting her and her family up in prayer daily. ♥

  2. I also appreciate the updates on Ilene. Her progress is a joy and comfort to read. Every little step is certainly a joyous celebration. She is in my daily prayers. Love and hugs.