Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy week for Ilene

Ilene was very busy this week.  She had her trachea and neck brace removed early in the week.  This is very positive and another step towards recovery.  Ilene was also moved to a new care center.  It is located on Cheyenne and Jones.  Ilene is talking more each day.  Ilene's visitors and helpers are enjoying their conversations.  She  is alert and full of personality.  She is still getting lots of help and enjoying the visits of loved ones.  Thank you for all the love and support.     


  1. Ilene is cracking us up! She has a real good sense of humor about how her brain has "hiccups" or "brain farts" as she calls them. She seems to have no filter and tells you straight up how she feels. Like if you spill her lunch on her she tell you that you are stupid! Her friend Sue Ann and I took her on a ride in her big chair to the park. We crashed ever so lightly into a pole and then I opened the door on her foot. When we rode in the ambulance later as she was transferring to the new place she told the driver to be sure and not let her sister drive because I'm a bad driver! She is also giving instructions to people from her bed. Some of those include telling Chad and Jacque that though her new grand puppy, Truman is very cute she wants them to be working on a GRAND DAUGHTER for her and Scott. She has told Jason the recipe for her salsa several times and in DETAIL as to how you cut the cilantro. She wants him to make this so she can give this to her friends that have been staying with her. She is worried about thanking ALL the people that have been helping. She asked me to bring some thank you notes..the first person she wanted me to help write to was her AWESOME husband Scott..I thought that was so sweet. He has been great to her! She realizes that she is so blessed with her BOYS and daughter-in-law who do anything and everything for her. She asked her life long friend Teresa to make her chocolate cupcakes,told her the recipe and then told her to bring them to her. She craves CHOCOLATE!! Ilene is tuckered out in the new place. It is a little more aggressive therapy then she is used to. But she is a trooper and determined. We are so grateful as a family for all the support from her co-workers, friends,ward members,nurses,therapists.etc....we so appreciate all your help from near and far. We know prayers work and can feel strength daily from them. Ilene has told me many times that the Holy Ghost has been a great comfort to her. She is blessed and it is a blessing to watch her improve every day!!!!

  2. Mathew posted for Rosemary.

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